Joshua Wilwohl


wilwohl [at] gmail [dot] com

I'm an assistant professor at the American University of Phnom Penh (AUPP).

My courses and research explore how identity forms at the intersection of art, language, and technology.

ICT 375: Digital Linguistics and Discourse (Autumn 2024)

Survey technology's relationship with language—human and machine-made. Analyze how words influence our decisions and online experiences by examining content in software, such as chatbots. Also, investigate the evolution of internet slang, including "skibidi," discover the limitations of emojis, and, through practice, craft usable text for apps and websites. By the course's end, be able to recognize, compare, and evaluate how language smooths navigation, enhances satisfaction, and sways behavior. Ready to level up ;)?

HUMN 110: Arts & Culture (Summer/Autumn 2024)

Learn about culture and its impact on the creation of art. Various forms of art, in both western and non-western cultures, are studied. Some of the subject matter will relate to Cambodia, including the country's position in the world of art crime. Topics of study include art as an idea, cultural fluency, and the concepts of attention and patience.

I've studied the influence of word choice on consumer behavior, and I've applied the results to shape digital products.

My work in the U.S., U.K., and Cambodia includes a patented navigation system that improves people's experience with cars.

Before joining AUPP, I was on faculty at the Metropolitan College of New York.

I'm a doctoral student, specializing in English pedagogy, with a stack of communication degrees: PgD, MA, MPA, and BA.